It’s all about papaya!
As papaya seed specialists Aloha Seed offers the largest selection of commercially proven papaya seed varieties. Serving clients in over 50 countries, consulting with papaya breeders, researchers and working with production consultants we know papaya very well.

Papaya is what we do and love!  It is one of life’s pleasures.

In the summer of 1995 the knowledgeable staff of Aloha Seed joined with Golden Valley Seed Inc.  Golden Valley Seed is a market leader in hybrid vegetable seed breeding, production and trial research with an extensive global network.  This union enables us at Aloha Seed to better support our clients and offer an ever growing selection of papaya seeds.

Utilizing GVS’s research knowledge and long term visioning Aloha Seed approaches the papaya seed market in a truly unique way.  We are currently performing and arranging scientific field test trials of more than eighteen papaya seed varieties in more than twelve different countries. 

Additionally, we are working with several papaya research breeders who have new material not yet available to the larger global market. These trials combined with new research information enables us to provide our clients with accurate and reliable information.

A single papaya seed trial of a stable hybrid requires a minimum of twelve to sixteen months to produce accurate information and results.  It is a long term project that requires patience, investment and vision. We are committed for the long run.

Papaya seed is more than a business; it is a way of life!

We openly invite you to contact us at any time with questions or comments.